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- Who we are -

We are coders. We are artists.  
We combine our skills to create innovative digital sound art.

In detail

Mute is founded by yvan vander sanden, composer and programmer, & Zimcke Van de Staey, musicologist and (soon to be) computer scientist.
We have experience with creating and performing contemporary music. On top of that, we love to code software. With Mute, we combine both our passions to create original sound software.

YSE | our advanced 3D sound engine

If you're a sound programmer like us, take a look at our sound engine. It's open source and we'd love your input. 


- What we offer -
Developing audio software requires skill and experience. This counts double if the product you imagine is an artistic experience instead of a practical tool.
Mute offers this experience. We specialize in sound art because it is the thing we do best. What we have to offer is:

Programming experience
in c++ and Java

a passion for
(sound) art



Mute creates digital sound art on its own, but also takes on 3rd party projects. We have experience with mobile platforms, 3D development, GPS navigated sound experiences and we even develop our own 3D sound engine.


- Recent projects -

We've created projects on our own and for Musica, a belgium based impluse center for music.




... has graduated as a composer with Godfried-Willem Raes.
In the past, he worked for Logos Foundation in Gent.
Aside from creating music with electronics, yvan also knows the ins and outs of 3D programming, mobile programming and 3D sound design.


... has graduated magna cum laude in musicology from the university of Leuven with a master dissertation about mobile music.
Zimcke also shares a passion for all things digital and is now working for Mute as well as going for a degree in computer science.


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Visit Us

Diestsevest 41, bus 302
3000 Leuven

Mail us

yvan at mutecode.com
zimcke at mutecode.com

Call Us

+32 494 33 222 6